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The Debt Settlement Referral Program

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Although many of our best prospects for a negotiated debt settlement find us because we rank highly in the search engines for terms such as debt settlement, most of the rest of our clients call us because a mortgage broker, mortgage loan officer, bankruptcy attorney, financial advisor or mortgage net branch has referred them using our debt settlement referral program.

We have earned a position of trust with our debt settlement referral partners by providing them with a way to improve the service they provide to their clients and earn income from dead leads.

The owner of Certified Debt, LLC spent many years running a mortgage brokerage. "Every month, my loan officers received a substantial number of inquiries from people for home equity loans or debt consolidation loans. These prospects simply couldn't qualify because of unsettled debts or too much unsecured debt."

Turning Dead Leads Into Money in Your Pocket

"At that point, for most loan officers, the lead is dead, but it does not have to be," insists Certified Debt, LLC President. "We have a program at Certified Debt, LLC that allows mortgage brokers, bankruptcy attorneys, and other businesses that extend credit to refer their turn downs and dead files to us when a negotiated debt settlement is the best way to restore the person's financial standing and return them to creditworthiness."

It is a win-win because the referral sources receive monthly compensation for each month that the referred person stays in the program. "Our program can help turn dead leads into an income stream for hungry loan officers and savvy owners of mortgage brokerage companies.

"I love being able to provide an answer for a prospective client that I was forced to turn away before," says Debbie Cunningham, a Missouri Net Branch loan officer and 18-year mortgage industry veteran.

Your Dead Leads Resurrected After Debt Settlement

"The team of debt negotiators at Certified Debt, LLC are excellent at keeping me appraised of the progress of my referrals as they get their debts settled. I just make a note in my ticker file to stay in touch, so that when they are ready for a mortgage, they'll remember me," continued Cunningham.

"That dead lead with horrifying debt to income ratios and lots of old charge offs is a poor prospect for a mortgage now. But the picture changes quite a bit when the debts are all reported as settled by the credit bureaus," insists Mr. Epper. A debt free prospect has a far better chance of being approved for good long-term financing.

Once the bureaus report all the debts as settled, many formerly unapproved prospects begin to look viable to lenders. "That's when our debt settlement client might be able to qualify for a mortgage with a low fixed rate. The lead still belongs to the loan officer or mortgage broker that turned it over to us," says Mr. Epper.

To learn more about Certified Debt, LLC's debt settlement referral program or to refer a candidate for an attorney negotiated debt settlement, call right now.
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