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Debt Settlement Blog

The Debt Settlement Program

The reason so many Americans can’t become debt free is that nearly all their monthly payments go to pay interest or late fees on credit cards or other unsecured debts. They need a solid solution, you need a solid debt settlement program that works!

Did you know that if you carry only $5,000 at the national average credit card interest rate (19%), by paying only the minimum payment each month, it will take you 9 years to pay off each $1000 of debt, and you will pay the bank $1800 in interest for each $1000 you owe?

The original $5000 will take you about 45 years to pay.

If you would like to get out of debt sooner, you owe it to yourself to investigate Certified Debt, LLC’s program of attorney negotiated debt settlements. Call or use our inquiry form for a free, no-obligation debt analysis that will quickly determine if a negotiated debt settlement will work for you.

The Negotiated Debt Settlement Alternative

In most cases, Certified Debt, LLC attorney negotiators can settle your unsecured debt for .55 cents on the dollar including all of the costs of the program. We can help you make sure that the money you are spending settles your debt permanently and completely and that you come out of our 12-48 month program with all of your qualifying debts settled.

Imagine what your life would be like without the burden of your unsecured debt. Our team of attorney negotiators has freed thousands of people from debt by negotiating a debt settlement that both creditor and debtor could accept and live with.

We can do the same for you.

What Will Happen Once I Enroll in A Negotiated Debt Settlement Program?

As soon as you enroll in the program, our attorneys will help you to draft a hardship letter that they can use as a basis for negotiating with your creditors. In addition, you will submit a list of all of your creditors so that the firm can send letters advising them that you have an attorney representing you and to contact your attorneys for any questions about the debt.

The collections calls will gradually stop. If a collector persists, document it and our attorneys may be able to take legal action against that collection agency on your behalf.

An escrow will be set up where you will make a monthly deposit of funds under the terms of your agreement with the law firm. As your account has the funds for a settlement, your attorneys will work out a written agreement for settlement of one of your debts. Once the agreement is reached and the funds are available, your attorney will contact you to write a check to pay the creditor off in full.

Because most clients divert funds that were used to make minimum payments to their debt settlement accounts, they typically see a decline in their credit standing in the short run. However, as the settlements are reached, your attorney will secure a letter from the creditor that the debt has been satisfied.

One of the advantages of using attorneys to negotiate debt settlements is that we can get the satisfaction letter from the creditor on your behalf. You will use the satisfaction letter to get all three credit reporting agencies to change your credit file so that the debt shows as settled.

“The FICO score that is so important to how credit is evaluated is made up of a number of factors,” says Certified Debt President. “One of the most important ones is how much of available credit is being used. As debts are settled, credit scores naturally improve. The mark on a credit report for a settlement is much less severe than entering credit counseling or bankruptcy,” insists the certified debt negotiator.

Certified Debt, LLC clients emerge from the program have all of the qualifying debts settled. “Hopefully, they have learned from the experience and can be better stewards of their resources, but the person who completes debt settlement generally has low debt to income ratios and low utilization of available credit. These two factors are important in raising their FICO scores in the long run,” says Mr. Epper.

Taking the First Step To A Negotiated Debt Settlement

The first step to our debt settlement program is a free debt analysis. The analysis only takes a few minutes and it will reveal whether you are a good candidate for a negotiated debt settlement. To get started, call or complete our online inquiry form and we will call you at the time you specify for your free debt analysis.

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