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Alabama Debt Settlement Company


Negotiating a debt settlement isn’t a job that you should do yourself. At Certified Debt, LLC, we’ve have been helping AL residents pre-qualify for debt settlements for many years. Using our team of lawyers who are certified debt negotiators is a simple way to settle your debts for less.

A negotiated debt settlement could be the best way to settle your debts and end the collection calls and vicious cycle of making minimum payments on a mountain of debt. Call today for a free debt analysis

From an overextended factory worker in Montgomery, AL to a deep-in-debt single Mom in Mobile, Alabama residents are coming to Certified Debt, LLC for help settling debts because it’s the smart way to become debt free.

  • Negotiated debt settlement beats filing bankruptcy. When Congress changed the Bankruptcy code on April 20, 2005, they made it much harder for people to qualify for Chapter 7 and filing bankruptcy can ruin your credit for up to ten years. A negotiated settlement will leave you with all of your qualifying debts settled in as little as one year and in an excellent position to rebuild your credit quickly.

  • Settling your debts using our network of certified attorney debt negotiators beats credit-counseling services. As fine as the many Alabama non-profit credit counseling agencies are at helping some consumers restore their financial health, many of them get paid based upon how much of your debt you repay. As a result, credit counselors don’t try to settle your debts for less than the full amount. We believe in ethical negotiated debt settlement. Our attorneys will be happy to help anyone with a hardship make the case to their creditors to settle for less. To see if you qualify for a negotiated debt settlement, call or use our secure online form to schedule a free debt analysis.
  • Reaching a debt settlement agreement is better than a getting a debt consolidation loan. Consolidating debts simply takes unsecured debt and secures it with a home or other asset. For consumers who are overextended, getting a second mortgage to consolidate debts can result in losing a home by foreclosure.

  • Negotiated Debt Settlement results in your paying less. “With experienced attorneys negotiating on your behalf, we can typically settle qualifying debts for about half of what is owed including all fees for negotiating a settlement of your AL debts,” says Certified Debt, LLC president.

Whether your unsecured debts are the result of excessive credit card debt incurred during your time as a student in Birmingham, AL or a job loss after you graduated, Certified Debt, LLC can help you by negotiating a settlement of your unsecured debts.

“Having an escrow for funds and attorneys ready to negotiate with your creditors once your settlement account has the funds to settle with a creditor has helped many Alabama residents direct their payments toward paying off debts and becoming debt free in 12-48 months,” says CEO of
Alabama-based Certified Debt, LLC.

A typical negotiated settlement reduces the amount owed substantially. Our team of attorneys works exclusively on debt and credit matters and they have help many AL residents become debt free using negotiated debt settlements. Call today to find out how working with Alabama’s premier debt settlement company can help you get out of debt faster.

Certified Debt, LLC an Alabama Marketing Company pre-qualifies each prospect using standards for eligibility set by the law firm. There is no money collected by Certified Debt, LLC. Each client is using their own money and sending money to their own escrow account. The debt program sets out to settle each client’s debts based upon the agreement reached between the creditor and the law firm. The debt settlement company does not collect any money for payment to creditors. As an Alabama marketing company, Certified Debt, LLC follows the laws of Alabama, federal laws, and the rules set forth by the Alabama Securities Commission. Certified Debt, LLC’s role is to help pre-qualify debt settlement prospects and give them an opportunity to achieve the dream of a debt free lifestyle. Please consult an attorney for any legal advice pertaining to your debts

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