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We invite you to watch this informative free video about debt settlement programs. Our program of debt settlement uses attorneys with the specialized training to negotiate with your creditors on your behalf. The Certified Debt settlement program gives you a solid debt relief plan, expert help in negotiating your debts, and supportive people who recognize that anyone can get deeply in debt.

Call right now to speak with one of our debt counselors and to start on your legal debt settlement program today!

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Debt Relief Solutions
Did you know that more than 75% of Americans are in debt?
The slowing economy and the housing crisis have made skyrocketing levels of debt a national epidemic.

Are you feeling the heat from your creditors?

  • Have you received harassing phone calls at home and work from collections agencies?
  • Are you more than one payment behind on your mortgage, auto loan, or credit card debt?
  • Are you considering committing credit suicide by filing for bankruptcy?
  • Are your debts robbing you of sleep at night and preventing you from concentrating at work?

Imagine how good being debt free will feel. Call Certified Debt today and take the first step toward a debt free lifestyle.

Certified Debt Settlement Company

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Get Debt Relief Now
  • All Major Credit Card Debt
  • Medical Bills - Phone Bills
  • Decrease Collection Calls
  • Retail Store Charge Cards
  • All Other Unsecured Loans or Liens
  • High Credit Card Rates & Fees

“As a college student, I was getting a new credit card offer in my mailbox almost every day, and I got over my head quick, especially after the restaurant I worked at closed. Getting debt relief to settle my credit debt has given me a fresh start. Thank you!”

J.D. Parker
St. Louis, MO

Attorney Based Debt Settlement Means Debt Relief

Being in credit debt does not make you a bad person, but it can make you feel hopeless about your situation. Debt can make you afraid to answer your phone. Worry about your credit card debt can destroy your health and damage your family relationships. Our attorney based debt settlement program will give you peace of mind and debt relief.

If you have suffered a financial setback that makes paying your debts impossible, you need to know that there is an alternative to credit counseling, consolidation loans, or filing a bankruptcy petition.

You may qualify for a negotiated debt settlement. Using our team of debt negotiation attorneys, we can help you restore order to your financial affairs. Call right now for a free debt relief analysis to see if you qualify for a negotiated debt settlement using a certified debt settlement company.

My Debt Settlement Story

“As a young man, I got into credit debt when a business venture that I was involved in failed. My attorney recommended debt settlement rather than bankruptcy. Negotiating my debts put me in a position to launch several successful businesses shortly after my setback. My own experience with debt settlement is part of the reason that I started Certified Debt, LLC.”

The First Step to Our Attorney Based Debt Settlement Program: Start A Free Debt Relief Analysis

If you have a genuine hardship and a sufficient amount of qualifying unsecured credit card debt, a negotiated debt settlement can help you become debt free years before you otherwise might. Imagine having the collection calls stop. Imagine debt relief without the stigma of bankruptcy.

Unlike some credit counseling services, which get paid based upon how much of your debts you pay, Certified Debt, LLC is a company that wants to get your debts settled for the least amount that your creditors will accept. Certified Debt is a reputable debt relief attorney based debt settlement program which is the best way to get out of credit debt. Take the first step to debt settlement by calling.

Attorney Debt Settlement Professionals Who Use Legal Debt Settlement

In any debt negotiation, preparation and experience are the keys to success.

At Certified Debt, LLC, all of our debt negotiators are attorneys. The expert debt attorneys we use to help you settle your credit debts have settled millions of dollars in debts. Negotiating a debt settlement is the focus of their law firm’s practice, and they negotiate debt settlements every single day.

As experts in this specialized area of legal practice, they know the laws that govern credit and collections. They know which fees creditors are allowed by law to charge and which ones they are not. They will make sure that your creditors follow the law. They will require validation of each debt prior to settlement.

Our credit card debt settlement attorneys have years of experience, knowledge of the practices of various creditors, and thousands of past settlements to draw upon in negotiating a settlement of your debts.

A Record of Proven Debt Settlement Results

In many cases, our certified attorney-debt negotiators can get your unsecured debts settled for 55% of what you owe—including costs of the program.

We do not charge a penny to do a free debt relief analysis or to see if you have a hardship that might qualify you for an attorney based debt settlement program. Call right now to speak to a certified debt settlement specialist.

Our program makes setting aside the funds for a debt settlement simple and directs all of your funds to paying off the debt, not to paying late fees or the minimum monthly payments that keep you forever in debt. Once settled, a debt is gone forever.

If you would like to get your debts settled without filing bankruptcy, call Certified Debt locally for a free, no-obligation debt relief analysis.

Our attorneys have help thousands of people all across the nation restore their financial peace of mind and free themselves from debt. A negotiated debt settlement could do the same for you. Call locally today to speak with a certified debt settlement specialist. You may Sign-up FREE securedebt relief analysis.

“We were past due for so long that I had almost forgotten the reasons. Ryan showed me why the people I owed would consider these a hardship. Certified Debt, LLC also helped me understand why an attorney should negotiate my debt settlement. ”

V. Cruz

Birmingham, AL
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